Services We Provide

At TAG Home Management, we take our management responsibilities very seriously in an effort to satisfy both the tenants and homeowners of our properties. We offer all of the services necessary to ensure the maximum income of the property. Below is a more detailed description of the services we offer:

Prior to Management of the Property:

  • Educate homeowners about any possible repairs/improvements needed & Normal Wear and Tear.
  • Review marketing strategies and other factors which may affect the rental price.
  • Review/confirm Property Management Agreement
  • Physical inspection of the property (See: Maintenance)
  • List of the homes features & equipment
  • Review/confirm Property Management Information Form
  • Collect data on Mortgage/Insurance/HOA/Tax (if being paid by TAG Home)

Management Program:

  • Advertise property (MLS, Internet)
  • Qualify Tenant/Verify Applications
  • Negotiate and prepare Leases and Renewals
  • “Move-in” inspection (Property Condition Report prepared)
  • Tenant relations and Lease enforcement
  • Collection of Rent
  • Timely response to reported problems
  • Arrangement of repairs and coordination with tenants
  • Bi-Annual property inspections
  • Provide monthly account statements
  • Lease extension/ delivery of notice to vacate
  • Move-out inspection (Property Condition Report prepared)
  • New listing prepared
  • Comply with all Local, State and National regulations

Maintenance of your property:

Proper maintenance of your real estate investment is one of the most important factors in maintaining the value of your property. We have a very extensive database of vendors which allows us to respond rather quickly to any situation that may arise while your property is under our management. That is why we provide:

  • Pre-rental Interior/Exterior inspections and equipment reports
  • Bi-Annual property inspections
  • Maintenance/Repair recommendations
  • Get authorization and approval of necessary repairs
  • 24-hour response for emergency repairs
  • Competitive estimates for owner approval of major repairs
  • Follow-up inspections after completion of repairs
  • Prompt response to tenant and owner requests