Hiring Tag

You will need to contact our office and we will email you our Management Agreement for you to review. Once you have looked over the document and filled out any necessary items, simply sign it and either E-mail it or fax it to our office. After we both sign the agreement we have created a legal agency relationship between yourself and TAG Home Management which among other things enables us to sign leases on your behalf. You have also given us the authority to list your home in the MLS real estate data base whenever we need to find a tenant. And lastly, you have taken the first step toward the complete peace of mind that you should have when you hire a property management company to manage your investment.

We will also need you to fill out the Property Management Information Form and return it to us as soon as possible. This tells us everything that we should know about the administration of your property including any service agreements you may have, what your community amenities are, your insurance information, etc. The other form we will need from you is the IRS Form W-9 (This identifies the Social Security or Tax ID number we will use when we file the 1099 MISC rental income report each year with the IRS). These documents will be given to you at our first meeting or we can have them emailed to you ahead of time for completion.

If you have never rented your home before and are about to move out we will visit the property and make recommendations regarding improving the marketability of the home. We can advise you what to spend your money on and equally important, what not to spend your money on. We have a form, “Owner Vacating Recommendations Checklist” that lists all the items you will need to take care of when you vacate. We can help you coordinate cleaning, painting, repairing, yard work, etc., if you need help finding a particular service.

If your property is vacant we will perform a market analysis and advise you of its current rental value. Upon your approval of the price we recommend we will place the home in the Multiple Listing Service(BrightMLS) as well as several rental websites and begin the search for a tenant.

if the home is currently occupied by tenants we will send them the instructions on how to begin making their rental payments to TAG Home Management on the date you want us to take over. We will also schedule an inspection of the property at the earliest opportunity to establish the current condition of the property and complete a Property Condition Report. We will advise you if there are any repair or maintenance items that require immediate attention.

If you are interested in receiving a Rental Market evaluation for your property, please contact us.